Westbrook Consulting Ty Westbrook Teambuilding
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Westbrook Consulting Ty Westbrook Teambuilding

Westbrook Consulting, LLC has the vision to provide cohesion support to organizations by offering team building/strengthening engagement strategies and solutions that increase organizational effectiveness.  Team building/strengthening is essential in the workplace as it drives motivation, instills trust, and opens clear lines of communication among teammates.  Consequently, employees discover innovative and progressive solutions that create avenues for financial empowerment in their respective industry



Our Mission

To motivate and inspire teams one build at a time



Vision Statement

Westbrook Consulting Ty Westbrook Teambuilding

Westbrook Consulting, LLC is dedicated to providing support through team building engagement with strategies and solutions to build a winning organization. As an independent Consultant, I have the tools to assist teams and organizations to develop great collaboration, appreciation, and respect within their team.



Ty Westbrook, MHA

About the Founder

Ty Westbrook is an accomplished, passionate, and highly respected subject matter specialist in consulting, planning, developing and implementing team building operational strategies through coaching and effective collaboration with teams. As a United States Army Veteran, Ty knows what it means to work as a team. She earned her Master in Health Care Administration and Health Care Management from the University of Phoenix. Ty is committed to helping people discover the power of their personality and being the best by realizing their full potential. She has a certification in MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and a member of Toastmasters. One of Ty’s favorite quote is:

“Talent wins games but teamwork win championships”

-Michael Jordan.